I read: True Believer, Nicholas Sparks

30 de janeiro de 2014


Finally, I managed to finish this book.
No, it’s not like it was bad. I started and I was totally out of time to read because of the tasks of college. I ended up leaving it there for the shelf until you can handle it again .

As the semester ended, I resumed my reading. As the book was dropped there, abandoned and sad, just got to finish once. Mainly because I started the Literary Challenge Tiger told that post here .


True Believer, of Nicholas Sparks tells the story of a journalist Jeremy Marsh, a resident of New York who decided to go to Cedar Creek unravel the mystery of an urban legend involving ghosts and lights at the request of a local resident, Doris. Once there, he meets Lexie, the town librarian who helps us. Both fall for each other but do not want to get involved because of the frustrations they had with previous relationships .

I confess at the beginning of the book the story was well drawn without anything happening. It took a little while to catch on. Was about to abandon him, but decided to continue. The plot starts only hold your attention now halfway through the book. I confess it had parts that ended up doing speed reading because did not add much to the understanding of history. Overall, it’s an interesting reading, with a simple story and romantic book. I rate it 7 .


ISBN: Publisher: Agir | Pages: 332 | Rating: 7/10

Book red to the Desafio Literário do Tigre (Literary Challenge of the Tiger) (from @tadsh) in January. The theme was “Na estante” (On the Bookshelf). For more information about the challenge visit the fanpage.

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