I read: The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

6 de julho de 2014


Finally I read John Green’s famous book. And people, what a book!

The book tells the story of Hazel, a seventeen years old girl with terminal lung cancer. In a group support she met Augustus, a boy the has bone cancer and he1s in remission. They start to know which other and gettin in love while she fights against the dificulties that her health condition provides.

I’m not going to tell more about the story because there are lots of book reviews on the internet and many of you already read the book. 🙂


This was the first time I read a John Green’s book. And I really appreciate his writing. It’s light, full of good references and has a great rhythm. You never get tired of reading and want to “devour” the book with no stop. Until the last page!

If I cried reading the book? Of course I did. I swear that I avoid some places because of the probability that I could cry. The book is beautiful, sad and exciting. If you want to read it, being psychologically prepared to stand strong and exciting moments, otherwise I would not advise to read yet.


I didn’t watch the movie and I’m not thinking to do it soon. Some friends told me that cried a lot watching it. I’m not psychologically prepared to have that kind of emotion this moment of my life. I will take some more time to watch it. Maybe on my next vacation, on the afternoon with popcorn and some juice.

I can’t wait to read other John Green’s books. I really appreciate his writing and I have some friends that recommended to read Looking for Alaska. Maybe it will be my next reading.

BookThe Fault in Our Stars Author: John Green | Publisher: Dutton Books

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